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Wealthy Mind Investments has strategic partnerships with experienced Operators with an outstanding track record that includes full-cycle exits on at least 20 assets delivering 20%+ annual returns to investors, because of fully scalable operations that include: integrated acquisition, finance, asset, and construction management teams.


$1.25 Billion

In Assets Acquired




Properties Acquired



Our Portfolio

Transcoastal 21 Portfolio

Sep 2021
4014 Units

Villa at Fort Mill

Ft. Mill, SC
Sep 2019
144 Units


Tempe, AZ
Oct 2020
659 Units

“I was looking for ways to diversify my portfolio outside of the stock market that could provide capital preservation and tax efficiencies. After meeting with Ashish, I learned of new strategies and now I am clear that I must invest into Real Estate syndications to generate cash flow like many Uber wealthy and accredited investors do.”

Software Engineering Leader
Tati, Doctor

“I highly recommend the Wealthy Mind team. As a Busy Doctor, I have no time to manage real estate investments. So grateful to invest in exclusive syndications provided by Alex and Ashish as a Passive Investor and continue to build wealth.”

Dmitriy, Tax Advisor and CPA

“Investing with Wealthy Mind has been a great and very positive experience. I learned a lot about syndications, tax strategies and passive commercial investing, from Alex and Ashish who are true experts at what they do. Their offerings provide diversification to my portfolio, so I can sit back, receive tax efficient cash flow distributions and wait for equity appreciation to kick in.”

Tax Advisor, CPA
Amit, Entrepreneur | Investor| Realtor | Advisor

“Wealthy Mind Investment goes above and beyond to help you to make the right investment decisions. I found them extremely knowledgeable and trustworthy. Passive Real Estate investing gives me time to focus on my other interests.”

Entrepreneur | Investor| Realtor | Advisor
Eileen, Sr VP, Asset Management and Investor

“Alex and the team have been 100% professional, transparent and operating per the Business plan with regular updates. I am very pleased with my investments as  I have a high degree of confidence with Wealthy Mind and recommend it to anyone looking for passive investing in commercial real estate.”

Sr VP, Asset Management and Investor

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