Alex Kholodenko

Alex has 10+ years of experience in real estate. He started investing in single-family homes, tax deeds, mortgages, and fix and flips, then quickly realized it took too much time away from his demanding tech job and family. He had discovered through studying and research the power of real estate syndications, so he had invested in 50+ syndications with his own funds.

He spent 20 years in the high-tech software industry in Silicon Valley, working as a busy tech professional for large financial institutions and startups, before leaving corporate America to pursue his passion.

As co-founder of Wealthy Mind Investments, Alex saw an opportunity to act on his lifelong passion for educating and helping busy professionals to achieve financial freedom with commercial passive real estate investing.

Alex has created strategic partnerships with experienced Operators nationwide. The success of these partnerships is benefiting all Wealthy Mind’s investors as they have exclusive access to exclusive private equity investments.

He believes that busy professionals and accredited investors deserve access to proven wealth strategies in commercial real estate investing, so they can enjoy life to the fullest potential.

He is an avid sports fan, and world traveler, who loves music, and concerts. He volunteers his time to feed the homeless and support cancer research.

Alex Kholodenko

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