Dr. Pradnya Mitroo

Dr. Pradnya Mitroo has invested passively in several multifamily investments as a GP and LP totaling over 1200+ units in 4 markets. 

Pradnya has a diverse real estate investment portfolio which includes multiple single-family and short-term rentals along the California coastline and major cities in California.  Her investments also include commercial real estate partnerships in Denver, Colorado. 

Dr. Mitroo is a practicing gastroenterologist with 17 years of experience and is a Managing Partner of Digestive Disease Consultants, a six-physician gastroenterology practice.  She is also a partner at Central California Endoscopy Center, one of the largest outpatient centers in California. 

She had partnered on multiple lucrative investment opportunities with Wealthy Mind Investments.

Since starting her journey in multifamily investment she has enjoyed teaching friends and family about multifamily and is looking forward to helping more people on their journey to achieving financial freedom.

Dr. Pradnya Mitroo

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